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AutoView Chrome plugin:

To use this Chrome plugin, a monthly or yearly subscription is needed for each of selected exchanges.

Basic syntax example for buying and selling on different exchanges:

Poloniex syntax

  • buy: e=poloniex b=buy s=etcbtc t=market q=0.1
  • sell: e=poloniex b=sell s=etcbtc t=market q=0.1

Bittrex syntax

  • buy: e=bittrex b=buy s=etcbtc t=limit p=25% q=0.1
  • sell: e=bittrex b=sell s=etcbtc t=limit p=-25% q=0.1

Binance syntax

  • buy: e=binance b=buy s=etcbtc t=limit p=25% u=currency q=0.1
  • sell: e=binance b=sell s=etcbtc t=limit p=-25% u=currency q=0.1
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