Tether (USDT) anchor

We’re proud to announce that liquido.i-server.org has become an anchor for Tether (USDT) asset on the Stellar distributed network. Tether (USDT) can be transferred from its native blockchain into the Stellar network and vice-versa. You can also buy Tether (USDT) with other crypto-currencies and trade it on the decentralized exchange. To use Tether (USDT) asset on the Stellar network, you have to assign trust for USDT on liquido.i-server.org federated domain.

To enable Tether (USDT) support, please add trust for USDT asset on address:

Project aquarium

Project aquarium – the evolution of back-end auto-trading platform is now active.

Project aquarium leverages deep-learning computational models that analyze huge volumes of past and present transaction data to predict future crypto-currency market movements. Predictions are based on many different strategies that constantly recalculates the weights to adjust to changing market conditions and to achieve best possible performance. Best performing simulation is then selected and deployed to the real market.