Trading Analytics

 Trading Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics to predict future crypto-currency market movements and applying different strategies to achieve the best possible performance.

Predictions are based on many different indicators, oscillators, historical data, and strategies that constantly recalculates the weights to adjust to changing market conditions and to achieve best possible performance. The best performing simulation is then selected and deployed to a real market. 

Strategy tester with initial 1.000 USD investment, running on a real historical data, including slippage and exchange transaction fees, reproduce a result of over 10.000% in profit! 

This was achieved with a total of 592 individual trades on the Poloniex exchange with a trading pair Bitcoin/Tether (BTC/USDT) over a period of circa 400 days.

Many resources were used to produce and perfect this analytical trading solution – now available as-a-service to our business clients and professional traders, based on a subscription licensing model.

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Our service operates on professional-grade hardware with high-availability and multistage redundancy, located in business data center (offering 99.95% availability).

After submitting a request, further instructions will be sent to provided e-mail address.