What is Liquido (XLQ)?

An asset on the Stellar distributed network. It can be traded, transferred to other Stellar wallets or exchanged. A typical transaction takes only 3-5 seconds to complete.

When you transfer Liquido you only pay the Stellar transaction fee. A value of only one cent should be more than enough for several thousands of transactions.

Freely circulated and exchangeable. We neither control nor limit the transfers of Liquido tokens. You can buy or sell them on a public exchange if you want to.

Not mineable. You can’t mine Liquido tokens, only purchase them by means of trading using a public exchange. We believe in green technologies and mining isn’t one of them.

A portion of the held assets is invested into other perspective markets while preserving liquidity. This influence the value of Liquido and makes it good investment opportunity.

Leveraging advanced analytics to predict future crypto-currency market movements and applying different strategies to achieve the best possible performance.